Mechatronics Engineer

I am a dynamic researcher on a wide variety of issue, exactly Mechatronics (that includes a combination of Mechanic, Electronics, Computer, Control, and Systems Engineering) in each filed which it applied to help humanity and improvement around industry (Automation, Robotics, Controllers, Servo-mechanics, Automotive, Haptics, Medical, Rehabilitation, Computer-aided design and etc.).

Nowadays, I am preparing to participate in GRE exam beside writing a paper. At the same time, learning Python and Abaqus is another activity of me.

Research Interests

My research interests lie broadly in the field of Robotics, Control and Mechatronics subject:

  • Decision Making, Coordination, Navigation, Trajectory, and Motion Planning
  • Robotics (Mobile, Serial, Parallel, Bipedal, Assistive, Micro, ad Flexible)
  • Unmanned Aerial, Underwater, Aeronautical, and Automated Vehicles
  • Haptics, Human-Robot Interaction, Tele-Robotics, Rehabilitation, and Motor Learning
  • Intelligent, Automation, Servo Systems, and Sensor Fusion
  • Mechatronic, Hybrid, Complex Dynamical, and Large Flexible Structures
  • Control (Motion, Nonlinear, Adaptive, Predictive, Optimal, Fuzzy Logic, and Robust)
  • Modeling, Identification, Verification, Optimization, Stability, and Filtering

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