I want to be a dynamic researcher on a wide variety of issue, precisely Mechatronics (that includes a combination of Mechanics, Systems, Computer, Control, and Electronics Engineering) in each filed which it applied to help humanity and improvement around the industry. I found myself passionate about the field of dynamics. Not only does this field cover my favourite subjects in Mechanical Engineering, but it also introduces a multidisciplinary interaction with other fields such as Mechanics, Electronics, and, even Bio-mechanics.

I received my B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology by GPA 3.6/4 and M.Sc in Mechatronics Engineering from K. N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU, distinguished as the centre of control and robotic) (GPA 4/4, 1st rank in the Electrical Department), Iran. Most of my previous researches were around mechatronics and robotics application. However, it does not mean that I just can do these things. More accurately, I benefit from the vast amount of abilities and knowledge in the field of Dynamics, Control, Mathematics, Optimization, Mechanics, and e.t.c which are valuable in more applications, especially in Biomechanics and System Engineering (Rehabilitation Systems, 2.Sports Engineering, and 3.Human Motor Control). My abilities in software skills, especially Matlab/Simulink, is high enough that I can what I want without any obstacle and most of the faculties of KNTU known me as this feature.

I plan to pursue my studies in my field of interest as a Ph.D. student. In this regards, I am seeking that challenge myself, push myself to broaden my horizons or achieve a difficult goal. Also being at the interface between Mechanics, Mechatronics, and Control is amazing! I am interested in learning and using mechanics, mathematics, and physics to describe and deal with the natural world and even robots. In this regard, I enjoy both computational science and experimental methods.


Nowadays, I am seeking research opportunities, at the same time, I am learning Linux and Maple, besides reading some tempting scientific paper in the pertinent research interest. Since I am curious about Human Anatomy, I have started an online course at EDX.

Recently, on December 17, 2017, I have passed the Python course at Arjang Institute of Higher Education by the score of 100, 1st rank in more than 5000 students. Besides, I finish the reading of “MapleSim User’s Gide 2017” in order to reinforce my previous skills and I have learned how to simulate OpenSim models by its online tutorial.


On this website, I try to publish limitedly some part of my CV in order to help others find more information.