6 DoF Industrial Serial Manipulator

Isfahan (Iran)
A. Nasr
M.R. Sajadi
2014/07/21 to 2015/07/21

Serial Manipulators are the most common industrial robots. They are designed as a series of links connected by motor-actuated joints that extend from a base to an end-effector. Often they have an anthropomorphic arm structure described as having a "shoulder", an "elbow", and a "wrist". Serial robots usually have six joints, because it requires at least six degrees of freedom to place a manipulated object in an arbitrary position and orientation in the workspace of the robot.

First, a concept design used in order to complete analysis. Then, according to the application of this robot, the robot part design by Invertor software. At the same time, according to dynamic analysis, actuator selected. Second, mechanical part detail designed in order to use by CNC. Finally, mechanical part which manufactured by high quality aluminium, assembled. Beside that, actuators which are accurate servo motor connected and electrical wire attached in order to send control command to the units from ARM controller.