Research Interest


My research interests lie broadly in the field of Dynamics, Robotics, Control and Mechatronics. More specifically they are

  • Robotics (Serial, Parallel, Manipulators, Humanoid, Bipedal, Assistive, Multi-Arm, Modular, Mobile, Micro, Flexible, and Printable)
  • Unmanned Aerial, Underwater, Automated Vehicles, Spacecraft, Aeronautical, and Space Systems
  • Multi-Agent Path, Coordination, Trajectory, Guidance, Navigation, Task, and Motion Planning
  • Human-Robot Interaction, Haptic, Tele-Robotics, Rehabilitation, Human Movement Bio-Mechanics, Motor Learning, Virtual Reality
  • Intelligent, Automation, Servo Systems, Sensor Networks, Sensor Fusion, and Decision Making
  • Mechatronic, Hybrid, Integrated, Complex Dynamical, Time-Delayed, Discrete Event Systems, and Large Flexible Structures
  • Control (Motion, Nonlinear, Adaptive, Model Predictive, Optimal, Fuzzy Logic, Intelligent, Decentralized, Feed-forward, and Robust)
  • Modeling, Synthesis, Verification, Identification, Estimation, Optimization, Condition Monitoring, Stability, and Filtering