I am a dynamic researcher on a wide variety of issue, exactly Mechatronics (that includes a combination of Mechanic, Electronics, Computer, Control, and Systems Engineering) in each filed which it applied to help humanity and improvement around the industry.

I am seeking that challenge myself, push myself to broaden my horizons or achieve a difficult goal. Also being at the interface between Mechanics, Mechatronics, and Control, is amazing, dealing with a live challenge! I am interested in learning and using mechanics, mathematics, and physics to describe and deal with the natural world and robots. In this regard, I enjoy both computational science and experimental methods.

Nowadays, I am seeking research opportunities, at the same time, I am learning Python, Linux, and ROS.

On this website, I try to publish limitedly some part of my CV in order to help others find more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think either I can help you in a case or we can have a research collaboration.