Stable Path Planning for Two Legged Robot (biped) and Analysis of Effect of Body Angle Parameter on Robot Stability

Two-legged robots (bipeds) are better than other robots to move progressive capabilities, but have the problem of instability. For the robot is able to walk stable in different environments, it is necessary that the contact constraints, are satisfied by moving the legs.

In this class project to create a sustainable path for a robot that Ansannmay page. The system is a two-legged robot or biped with active joints, which can move longitudinally with a constant speed is in the page. First, we identify constraints associated with moving legs. Then the path we get the robot to walk and to help balance the dynamic method (ZMP) stability Snjym it and then move to create the desired joint variables in longitudinal obtains. Finally, we examine the stability of the angle of the robot body.

Course Project
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology