Modelling, Designing, Manufacturing and Controlling an Industrial 6 DoF Serial Robotic Arm

Serial Manipulators are the most common industrial robots. They are designed as a series of links connected by motor-actuated joints that extend from a base to an end-effector. Often they have an anthropomorphic arm structure described as having a "shoulder", an "elbow", and a "wrist".

Serial robots usually have six joints, because it requires at least six degrees of freedom to place a manipulated object in an arbitrary position and orientation in the workspace of the robot.

  • Task:
    • Kinematic, Dynamic Modeling, Stiffness, Workspace, Dexterity and Manipulability Analysis
    • Design, Finite Element Analysis and Manufacturing Mechanical Parts, Links and Gripper
    • Calibration of DC Motor Actuator, Providing Sensor Connection and Preparing Hardware in Loop Control System by LabVIEW and Matlab
    • PID Control and Modification Control Coefficient in Different Maneuvers
    • Trajectory Planning and Decision Making by Programming a ARM-Controller
  • Video:
Scientific Project
2014 to 2015
Mechanical Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology